1. Can I actually  sit on the stool?

Yes you can. The stool has been tested on a comfortable sitting of up to a 100 kilo.

2. What is the stool made off?

The base of the stool is metal. The seating area is made out of cotton rope, cotton yarn and recycled cotton  t-shirt.

3. Is there a gurantee on the stool quality ?

Yes, there is a one year guarantee subject to wear & tear

4.Can you order different  sizes?

Yes you can. Part of our branding is the possibility of custom made. So please send us your sizes requirement to get a pricing quote.

5. Can I choose different colors?

Yes you can. Again ,part of our customise service ,it is possible to request a different color palette. We will send you the closest option to your request subject to the  yarn colors available.

6. If the chairs get dirty ,can i clean it ?

Yes you can.You can use a mild soap and cloth ,like you would use on any fabric.

7. What if I receive it and I don't like it ?

Please see our refunds & exchange policy