About us

Studio Aiyana was created by Limor Pasher. An artist and designer at heart. After years of designing jewelry, she explored the world of art and design further in her second degree at Shenkar college and discovered weaving. Looking for a way to incorporate social activism, limor started working with a group of African women passing on the technique.

Weaving techniques have been passed on for decades by groups of women all over the world. Limor wanted to work with these beautiful traditional techniques while also creating fresh and modern designs with color and functionality in mind. The products bring a stylish pop of color to any space.

Sustainability and social responsibility are a main part of Limor's brand. All products are made in  Israel in collaboration with a group of women from the rehabilitation plant  "Orange heart". All workers are treated with respect, honesty and dignity. We pay are workers a fair wage, make sure they have safe working conditions and never allow any kind of child or slave labor.